Thursday, November 11, 2004

Our Poor Ability to Add or Detract

Any lonely veterans out there ought to really find some comfort in the blogs. In the blogosphere no Veteran's Day goes uncommemorated, or even slighted, as it so often is in the Obsolete Media. The kudos and memorials are too numerous to count, and the day brings out the best in people who are pretty good even when they're not at their best. Reviewing the comments at LGF ought to reassure those who have served that they are not forgotten, and never will be.

The exceptions, of course, are the two leading "liberal" blogs - who are anything but - where the day is devoted to gleefully crowing over predictions of defeat and disaster in Fallujah. Praying for every kind of disaster to befall the United States is the only weapon they have left in their endless war on George Bush. Fortunately their defeatist gloating is as factually incorrect as it is morally disgusting.

It is somehow appropriate that Arafat died today. If there was ever a symbol of war for the sake of war, it was him. If there was ever a symbol of the thing that the soldiers of the West have struggled against over the past century, it was him. He waged his senseless war not only against Israel, but against Jordan and Lebanon as well. Against all of civilization, really. He whored himself out to Marxist Leninism and radical Islam, whichever it suited him (and his idiotic admirers) to do so. Wherever he resided, he served as an unwelcome and permanent menace to peace.

He was the King of Terrorism, the embodiment of warmongering and eternal blood feud, and a butcher of his own people as well. So it is no surprise that he won a Peace Prize, and is mourned by the clueless (and probably doomed) elite of Europe. Thank God we have men and women who are willing and able to fight against the rottenness that pathogens like Arafat have spread throughout the world.